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Premier Wall Thickness Gauges provide the turner a degree of accuracy and convenience which will be very much appreciated when creating pieces to last a lifetime. Technology and artistry come together to help you produce work that will take pride of place. 

Say hello to the better "bottom finder"!

Premier Gauges has two new arrivals!

Premier Gauges wants to let turners know that we have two new products! 

We now have two tools which allow turners to quantify the thickness of the bottom of a turning while it is still mounted in the chuck. We are calling them "The Better Bottom Finder" because we cannot think of a better name for what it does so well.

These 304 stainless steel tools are beautifully machined and calibrated with either imperial or metric scales. Pictured is the smaller tool and it will measure a radius of 5 1/2" (14 cm) and a depth of 6" (15 cm.) It is joined by a larger tool which measures a turning up to 20" (51 cm) in diameter and a full 12" (30 cm) in depth.

Pricing is US$65.00 for the smaller unit and US$125.00 for the larger unit. They are available with either the imperial or metric scales.


Premier Wall Gauges

Turning is the coming together of the wood with our hands and minds. Producing pieces that represent those elements is both the fun and the challenge. Premier Wall Thickness Gauges assist the turner in the creation of pieces that demonstrate a reliable degree of consistency while not detracting from ease of use. 


Experience & Creativity

Experience & Creativity

Experience & Creativity

Turning a piece that is pleasing and of good quality technically is a constant goal for the woodturner. We provide you Premier Wall Thickness Gauges (calipers) which help you reach those goals. Woodturning is always a challenge. These gauges make our creations even better.


Our Process

Experience & Creativity

Experience & Creativity

Stone-Creek Woodworks manufactures quality gauges (calipers) used to determine the thickness of the wall of a turned object. We bring them to you in 304 Stainless steel with beautifully laser-etched vernier scales which allow you to see the thickness of a turning on your wood lathe without moving your eyes and your hands. They are available with Imperial or Metric vernier scales. We can also provide customized gauges for woodturners who are doing really deep work. These help make woodturning a pleasure.


Our Guarantee

Experience & Creativity

Our Guarantee

We are proud to provide you a suite of devices which allow you to determine the thickness of very small items up to very large, very deep turnings. The quality of our fabrications is outstanding. In this day of planned obsolescence, these wood lathe tools will last you a lifetime. They also are complimentary in function to other calipers you may already have.

Stone-Creek Woodworks and Premier Wall Thickness Gauges

I am Russell Green. Welcome to the Stone-Creek Woodworks Workshop, the home of Premier Wall Thickness Gauges. 

Introducing the Small "Bottom Finder"

A new tool to the Premier Gauges family. It gives a measurement of the thickness at the bottom of your turning while it is still mounted in the chuck.

The Larger "Bottom Finder"

Video of the larger of two tools used to measure the thickness of the bottom of a turned object while still mounted in the chuck.


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Premier Wall Thickness Gauges will add a new dimension to your work. When you combine your fingers with these tools the quality of your work will improve along with your satisfaction.